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The greater Greenville area has been growing at an unprecedented rate, and Greenville County is projected to grow by 43% by 2040. While growth has brought the Upstate many opportunities, some area organizations are struggling to build infrastructure, and the negative impacts of growth are largely felt by the disenfranchised, the poor, the helpers doing good in our community, and those who need community help the most.

Working with GIVE GVL Homes can help foster trust and cooperation between buyers and sellers, making the real estate transaction smoother experience. It can make your listing stand out to a buyer, or differentiate your offer in a multiple offer situation. Most importantly, the thousands of dollars GIVE GVL Homes donates annually helps improve Upstate lives.

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Fathom Realty is the perfect base for GIVE GVL Homes, giving us the platform to market clients' properties successfully and the cutting edge technology to compete against larger real estate companies. Fathom Realty's core values are rooted in servant leadership, making it a natural fit for GIVE GVL Homes, and Fathom offers the industry's best commission splits, which in turn helps GIVE Greenville Homes to give back 20%.

Are you an agent who interested in learning more about Fathom Realty or GIVE GVL Homes?

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Rachel Vann-King prides herself on going the extra mile for her clients--whether that means coaching first-time buyers get their dream house under contract in a multiple-offer scenario, advising sellers on which improvements will help them land the most attractive offers, parsing data for investor clients, or crawling under a house. Rachel established her real estate career at a top-ranked franchise at a national real estate brand, earning multiple awards for agent production, community involvement and client service. She was previously a top-ranked regional sales manager for a Fortune 500 company, and she graduated Furman University in 2004.

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